The Latest on Vermont’s GMO Labelling Bill

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CAYENNE, FRENCH GUIANA- The state of Vermont’s campaign to become the first U.S. state to label genetically modified foods (GMOs) continues Vermont Senate Appropriations Committee voted, 7-0 yesterday, on a bill (H.112) that would bring Vermont one step closer to the mandatory labelling of all foods containing GMOs.

Now that the bill has received approval by Vermont’s State Senate Appropriations Committee, the bill is headed to the state’s senate floor to be debated upon early next week. The bill came about in early 2013 when it was introduced to Vermont’s House of Representatives in the Committee on Agriculture; and if approved, would go into effect July 2016.

Vermont joins the efforts of 23 other states who are currently in the process of approving legislation that would call for the mandatory labelling of GMOs such as Maine, Connecticut, and California. If the bill is voted upon by Vermont’s Senate, then Vermont will become the first state ever to approve legislation that makes GMO labelling mandatory.

With such progress seen in the Green Mountain State, one would hope that this would be the necessary amount of encouragement to convince the congress of the 23 other states who are in the active process of trying to make GMO labelling mandatory in their respective states to come to a decisive decision. And, the approval of H.112 will trigger the mandatory labelling of GMOs in Connecticut and Maine that already passed respective bills on GMO labelling that both states decided to not put into effect until other states took similar measures.




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